Polyimide caped with Aluminum in LTO machine

Roozbeh Parsa rparsa at stanford.edu
Fri Jun 2 10:22:23 PDT 2006

My name is Roozbeh Parsa and I'm a student in ME342 class.

We are trying to come up with a process flow for our summer project. In our
process flow, we are going to spin Plyimide on the wafer, then cure it at
350C and then place it in the Gryphon to sputter Al on top of it. At this
point the Polyimide as cured and covered with Aluminum.

We would like to place this wafer in to the LTO machine and deposit a thin
layer of SiO2 on top of it at 350C.

Just wanted to make sure this process step is acceptable by SNF. I've
already talked to Nancy and she told me to send en e-mail to SpecMat.


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