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Tue Jun 13 09:06:03 PDT 2006

  I am a snf lab member working for DSM solutions and we need to do TiSi2
  Uija Gave me a Recipe that she used before and it is:
  Deposit Titanium - 400A
  1st RTA Salicide Formation Anneal at 640 C for 30 Sec 
  Excess Titanium Etch in 5:1:1  [ DI water: H2O2: NH4F]  at 70 C
  2nd RTA Anneal at 950 C for 30 Sec
  My Problem is:
  We have no place to do Excess Titanium Etch at 70 C since:
  The Silicide Wet Bench does not have heated 5:1:1 with NH4F and says it can be used only for etching reacted metals where as the Ti in the TiSi2 process is the unreacted metal we are trying to etch.
  The Metal Wet Bench has a bath for mixing 5:1:1 with NH4F but it is not have a heater and it is only at room temperature .
  I cant use HF or BOE for etching off the excess Titanium as this attacks the thin field oxide I have underneath the Ti that I am trying to etch off.
  My Question is:
  Is there another TiSi2 process at Stanford that can be used that has the facilities to etch off the excess titanium without using HF.  If so which wet bench is used for doing this.  I need help on this fast as I am done with first RTA on some critical wafers and need to etch of Titanium.
  thank you
  dan sanga

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