SpecMat Logsheet 6/20/06

Ed Myers edmyers at stanford.edu
Tue Jun 20 14:48:49 PDT 2006


Paul pointed out I am off by a half cycle.  I was thinking next week 
was our normal meeting time, but it is actually today.  We don't have 
a lot of decisions to make, so lets do it by email (knowing John and 
Jim are on vacation).

Please respond by Friday, June 23rd.

Item 153: Kevin has provided TXRF data (which I can't find).  He had 
1 iron reading which was high along with Ca, S and Cl.  I've asked 
him to resend the data to refresh my memory.  He will be going into 
the Gryphon, Photo, STSetch and the P5000,

Recommendation:  We should approve his request since the S, Ca and Cl 
should not be a factor in the tools.

Item 175: Ge processing through Epi:  We held a meeting with the 
requesters and RTP and Epi users.  The users have asked TXRF data 
showing the effectiveness and levels of the cleans.

Recommendation: Pawan and Mike will work with Jung-Kip to run some 
controlled experiments.  Approval was given for the process up to Epi.

Item 181: Running Gold seeded nanowires through TEOS

Recommendation: Following the procedure laid out in the request, the 
samples can be ran in TEOS as the last lot prior to a tube pull and clean.

Item 182: ProTek temporary etch protective coatings.

Recommendations: Mary did you see anything in the Brewer Science 
presentation which would prevent approval of this request?

Item 184: Shin Etsu SPIR-7132M-20

Recommendation: Approve

Item 185: Maximum RTA Anneal Temp

Recommendation: Limit to 1150C for 2 minutes

Item 186: Evaporate GeTe in the Innotec

Recommendation:  The toxicity of Te has me worried.  We have ran 
GeSrTe in the metalica and are running it in the AJ system, but is 
this something we want to propagate.

Item 187: High Temperature Ammonia anneals

Recommendation:  Approve, since the explosion risk seems minimal.

Item 181: Titanium Silicide Strip

Recommendation:  Sulfuric:Peroxide was recommended as an alternative 
strip solution.  I have not heard back if it is acceptable.

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