HF vapor etch at wbgeneral

Nahid Harjee nharjee at stanford.edu
Wed Jun 28 10:09:34 PDT 2006


This system should be suitable for our use. A couple of questions:

1. Our wafer will have Cr on it at the time that we would like to perform
the HF vapor etch. If the apparatus is located at wbmetal, I'm assuming it
is also considered semi-clean. Is there some way we can do gold-contaminated
HF vapor?

2. Does the HF vapor procedure exist on the SNF website? We were unable to
find it.



On 6/28/06, John Shott <shott at stanford.edu> wrote:
>  Nahid:
> We have a dedicated HF vapor etch apparatus set up at wbmetal (I think).
> Is there a reason that this is not suitable for your ME342 use?
> Thanks,
> John

Nahid Harjee
Ph.D. Candidate
Electrical Engineering
Stanford University
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