SpecMat Logsheet, June 30, 2006

Jim McVittie mcvittie at snf.stanford.edu
Fri Jun 30 11:50:33 PDT 2006


Can we sit having specmat mtgs. I have not gotten any notices about mtgs for some time.


Ed Myers wrote:

> All,
> I will be out of town next week, or regular meeting week.  Here is
> the update on open request along with my recommendations.
> Item 175: Ge processing request.
> Status: A meeting was held between the requesters and the epi and rtp
> communities.  The user community asked to see the specifics of
> Jung-Yup Kim's cleans experiments.  The concern was over usage of %
> removal without any indication as to the actual contamination
> levels.  The community also asked for the requesters to run an
> experiment where a Si wafer was intentionally contaminated and
> cleaned through our standard pre-diff clean and compare it with an
> intentionally contaminated Ge wafer ran through the proposed cleaning
> sequence.
> Results: Nothing was forthcoming from the requesters.  We I asked for
> an update I was verbally told Jung-Yup's contamination levels are in
> the order of 1E11cm2 and the contamination process was confidential
> to the company who did the intentional contamination.  The requesters
> also have designed their own experiment and have sent wafers out for
> TXRF analysis.  When I received copy of the experiment, it is not
> what the community asked for and I question if the community will
> consider it a viable experiment.  I have not heard back from them
> after I pointed out this discrepancy.
> Recommendation: Wait until we see the results and possibly hold
> another meeting with the user community.
> Item 186: Evaporate GeTe in the innotec
> Comment: If you read the Te MSDS, it's not a user friendly
> material.  Last week I asked if we wanted to support this material
> but did not get any response.  Te2 has a vapor pressure between Zn
> and Mg, which are below the In cut-off.
> Recommendation:  Udayan indicated he might be able to use Vanadium
> instead of GeTe.  This might be a safer approach.
> Item 187: High temperature ammonia anneals
> Recommendation:  Approve.  While the MSDS talks about autoignition at
> 650C, it also says the gas is non-explosive when exposed to open flames.
> Item 188: 70C Ti silicide strip in 5:1:1  [ DI water: H2O2: NH4F]
> Recommendation: Hold off.  User is evaluating sulfuric:peroxide mixture
> Item 190: Semiclean W and Ni from IBM.
> Recommendation: On-going
> Item 191: V and Si deposition in SCT
> Recommendation: Outside of particles, Si should be OK.  V has a deep
> level donor trap in Si at 0.49 eV, similar to Cr (0.41 eV).  It
> should be OK to add V.
> Item 192: Deposition of Mg, CuI or CuCl in Metalica
> Recommendation: On-going.  Mg is a low vapor pressure material, less
> than our In cut-off.  Mohammed is getting the MSDS data for CuI and CuCl.
> Item 193: JSR NFR 105G negative resist
> Recommendation:  Default to Mahnaz
> Item 194: HF Vapor on Cr or Au
> Recommendation: Decline.  Gary Yama's rule of thumb for the system is
> "only wafers which can come out of wbdiff."
> Item 195: photo-patternable silicone
> Recommendation: Requested process flow, but there is concern over the
> silicone compound.  Mary is also working on this request and material.
> Item 196: PECVD SiO2 on ZnSe and GaAs
> Recommendation: What is our history with the STS PECVD and these
> materials?  The system runs at 360C.
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