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Wed Mar 1 16:20:24 PST 2006


Here is the information regarding the need of process in PQuest.




Here is more detailed informaton:

I am trying to use either BCL3 or Cl2 to etch TiN which is about 1000A. The
ideal is to stop it at Ga2O3 that is about 300A under the TiN. The
substrate is



Quoting jz264 at pantheon.yale.edu:

> Jim,
> I am trying to etching TiN on GaAs. Jim Kruger and I discussed and he
> recommended PQuest. So I am thinking of getting myself trained on this.
> Do you have any existing recipe for TiN etch or if you have any
> recommendation
> for this?
> I am attaching a paper from AMAT for reference.
> Jun-Fei

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