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Thank you for reminding. Attached please find the MSDS for this chemical.


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Dear Mahnaz,
I have a AZ photoresist P4330-RS. It is just the same as P4620 (you 
mentioned that I can use it in the lab on the Headway spinner) but 
thinner and has a surfactant in it to reduce striations in the 
coat.Would you please to check and make sure that I can use it in the lab?
Also, we talked about the chemical cyclotene (BCB), and you need to put 
a yellow tag on it. I found that we have bottle with yellow tag from 
you. I will visit the lab tomorrow, and bring the bottle to you.
Roughly, I may get to the lab around 9-10AM. Will you be in office at 
that time?
Best regards,

Well regarding the resist, you need to send me the MSDS so I can check 
it out and what will be the process meaning where the wafers will go 
after the headway.

I will in the office tomorrow if not in the office call me to the lab.


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