Gold-Tin Alloy

Praveen P.S. praveen at
Fri Mar 17 19:15:06 PST 2006

Dear Sir/Madam,

            Following is request to use Gold-Tin Alloy in metallica sputter


Name: Praveen Pandojirao-Sunkojirao

Coral: praveen

Phone: 817-368-2747

Email: praveen at

PI: Woo Ho Lee

Material: Gold-Tin alloy

Vendor: Indium Corporation ( 

Reason for request: This is an alloy for the sputtering system. Direct alloy
deposition can be best done through sputtering. This is not available in

Process flow: Sputter the Gold-Tin alloy using metallica.

Amount of material: 1 inch diameter by 0.125 inch thick solid target

Storage: Will not store at SNF

Disposal: Will dispose back in The University of Texas at Arlington


Please email me if you need more information.




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