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Mary Tang mtang at
Mon Mar 20 10:22:11 PST 2006

Hi Frank --

I'm afraid we do need to update our SNF web pages...  What you propose 
is already approved, since you are using "gold" equipment (I take it 
you'll be using metalica or innotec for Cr/Au deposition) and ITO is an 
approved film.

Thanks for following through!


Frank Jaeckel wrote:

>Dear SpecMat-Commitee,
>as I understand from the SNF webpage I do need approval for ITO substrates
>as well as for quartz cover slips not obtained from the SNF stockroom.
>Therefore, please find attached a pdf file of my approval request.
>Please let me know if you wish further documentation or information.
>I would be happy if a decision could be made very soon.
>Frank Jaeckel

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