Etching of TiX

Pop, Eric eric.pop at
Mon Mar 20 18:44:02 PST 2006

Dear SpecMat:

I'm a new user here, so this may be a naïve question (please forgive me).  I'm an Intel Researcher-in-Residence working with Profs. Saraswat and Philip Wong.  I need to bring in films of Ti alloys from Intel and etch them within SNF -- these are thin (~100nm) blanket Ti alloys on thick (~500nm) thermal oxide on square pieces from Intel's 8" wafers.  Pretty simple, so far.  One of the films is TiN, which should be no problem in SNF.  The other is "TiX", a Titanium alloy with element "X" which unfortunately I cannot disclose.  I can say that "X" is a material commonly found in SNF, and it's not Au.  Could you advise on how to proceed about bringing this film and patterning it on wafer pieces in SNF (Intel tells me that TiX will etch with the same process as TiN).  I'm sorry this is such an odd request, but I'm sure (or I hope) you've heard worse!

Thanks in advance.

epop at snf

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