Gallium Nitride

Jia Feng fengj at
Wed Mar 22 16:13:13 PST 2006

Special Material Committee:

I am writing to you to get your approval to use Gallium Nitride in SNF. The information you require is provided as follows.

1. Your contact information: Name, Coral login, phone number, email address and who you work for (your PI or company.) 

Name: Jia Feng
Coral login: fengj
Phone number: 650-725-4549
Email address: fengj at
PI: James D Plummer

2. The chemical or material. 

Material: Gallium Nitride
Please see the MSDS in the attachment

3. Vendor/manufacturer info: address and phone number, website URL. 

Technologies and Devices International, Inc.
12214 Plum Orchard Dr., Silver Spring, MD 20904 USA
TEL: +1 301 572 7834; FAX: +1 301 572 6435;

4. Reason for request

We are planning to do RF sputtering of Gallium Nitride onto 4-inch Silicon wafers and investigate its crystallization.

5. Process Flow.

(1) RF sputtering in metallica, thickness: ~ 0.1 um
(2) Deposit 0.02-um SiO2 in sts PECVD
(3) Optical lithography in nikon, using 3612 photoresist
(4) Photoresist descum in drytek4
(5) Dry etch in pquest
(6) Photoresist removal in matrix
(7) Clean in PRS-1000 (heated to 40 C) in wbgaas
(8) Deposit 0.1-um SiO2 in sts PECVD
(9) Heating to 800 C for 1 second in rtagaas
(10) Cut the Silicon substrate using wafersaw. The GaN has already been etch into 1-um wide and 10-um long stripes and covered with SiO2. With visible marks etched on the wafer, the wafersaw blade will only cut into the Silicon substrate without contacting or exposing any GaN.

6.. Amount and form.

The Gallium Nitride we will bring into the lab is 1-inch poly-crystalline target for RF sputtering.

7. Storage: Will you be storing your chemical/material at SNF? If so, please note any potential reactivities (this should be on the MSDS). 

We will store the Gallium Nitride target in vacuum sealed bags.

8. DIsposal

The Gallium Nitride will either be dry etched or stay on the wafer.

Jia Feng
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