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I am not a lab member but am looking into the capabilities of the SNF and perhaps having my company work in the facility.  Bismuth/Antimony Telluride is not listed in the standard materials, and I would like to know if I can use it in a limited way in the lab.

1. Andrew Miner, Romny Scientific.  miner at
2. Bismuth Telluride, Antimony Telluride.  MSDS attached.  CAS #1304-82-1, 1327-50-0. (solid semiconductors)
3. This material is formed at Romny Scientific facilities from raw materials acquired from standard chemical supply houses.
4. I have used this material at the UC Berkeley Microlab from 1999-2002 and in my clean room at Nanocoolers, Inc. ( from 2002-2005.  With care there is little safety or contamination risk from this material.
5. The material would be brought into the lab as patterned films on the order of 10 um thick on 4 inch silicon wafers or smaller chips.  Initially I will be doing SEM work.  Later I will be depositing metals, thereby encapsulating the Bi/Sb-Te, and patterning the metals.  I do not know the specifics of the equipment that would be used but they would be the 'contaminated' class of tools.
6. The material is a solid semiconductor and would be brought in as patterned films that are about 10 um thick, on wafers or chips.
7. The material would be stored in labeled wafer carriers.
8. The material will be disposed of as other solid metal waste materials are disposed. 

Andrew Miner, Ph.D.
Founder and Chief Technical Officer
Romny Scientific
248 30th Ave.
San Francisco, California 94121
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