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My process flow is the following:
1. Silicon Nitride deposition on Si wafer (clean)
2. Litho to pattern the nitride
3. Ni (10nm) and Fe (3nm) deposition through an polycarbonate membrane
and SS shadow mask in Innotech. (cont)
4. PECVD SiO2 depoosition (cont)
5. CMP (outside lab)
6. Drytek 4 etch of SiO2 (cont)
7. PECVD SiO2 dep (cont)
8. Cr dep (cont)
I am requesting approval of the following: 
1. application of polycarbonate plastic film in Innotech. 
2. Bring in outside wafer after CMP. The surface at this stage surface
contains SiO2 and carbon.
3. SiO2 etch in drytek 4 of a wafer having both SiO2 and carbon on the
4. PECVD SiO2 dep on a wafer that has carbon nanotube exposed.

Attached is the MSDA data sheet for polycarbonate.


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