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Mary Tang mtang at stanford.edu
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Hi Pradeep, Shabbir --

Please provide info to SpecMat as per 

I should warn you that there is a rather high barrier for bringing in 
HBr.  We'll need to know what chemical mixture you plan to use -- the 
concentration of HBr you wish to bring and how you are going to mix it 
for your etch.  From what I understand, if you mix just pour HBr with an 
oxidizing acid, you get Br2 gas -- there is an art to mixing the 
chemicals together.  If you have your own procedure that you are 
experienced with, please provide details about this.  If not, we also 
have a procedure from John Choi which has been demonstrated to be safe 
for etching InP, although don't know if this would meet your specific 
process needs.  By the way, this was done only at wbgaas and all waste 
was collected locally. 

So, please provide more details about your etch and MSDS info on the 
chemicals you wish to bring in.  It would be best if you could use 
dilute rather than concentrated solutions as starting materials.



Uli Thumser wrote:
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> Using HBr
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> Hi uli and Mahnaz,
> I would like to get approval for using HBr -liquid form - for etching InP wafers.
> Please forward this request to specmat committee.
> Thanks.
> Shabbir.
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