Req.Approval SIPR 7123M-20 + MSDS

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Mon Oct 2 11:00:16 PDT 2006

Hello Spec-Mat Committee,

I would like to bring in a new photoresist made by Shin-etsu Micro Si called SIPR 7123M -20.

   This is a high viscosity positive photoresist for 15-70 um thick coatings.  I would
like to bring  in an 8oz bottle (like those that are issued in the 
SNF stockroom) and keep it in the small  flammables 
cabinet, along with the other SNF members resist samples.    I would be 
using these resists to coat my substrates on the Headway spinner (15 to 80 
um thick) and softbaking them on the hotplates that are immediately to the 
right of the Headway spinner.   I would like to expose the coated 
substrates on the Karl Suss aligners, and develop the patterns in LDD-26W 
at the develop bench in the litho area.    Used developer would go down 
the drain in the develop bench.   Any waste of these resists would be put 
in the solvent waste carboy in the Solvent bench.   Any clean roomwipes contaminated with this resist, empty bottles with resist residues would be bagged and put in the solid chemical waste bin in the Litho area. 

I am attaching a soft copy of the MSDS sheet

Please let me know ASAP if I can bring this sample in for use.

Much Thanks,

Aleta Jamora      (ajamo)
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