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Hello Spec Mat.

    I would like to bring in a new chemical called CA-40 Cleaning solution which is made by Cyantek Corporation.  This is a slightly basic aqueous detergent (99% water by content) that I would like to use to clean 5 inch photomasks (for the Karl Seuss).  I would like to keep this solution in a squeeze bottle and use it at the developer bench in the litho area. I would like to store the squeeze bottle with the developers in the chemical cabinet in the back.  (any suggestions for storage welcome)   The procedure for cleaning masks would be as follows:  Hold the photomask over the sink, wet the mask with DI water and squirt 10 mls of the CA-40 Cleaning solution on the mask.   While still holding the mask over the sink, lightly scrub the mask with a soft tooth brush or a clean-room wipe.  Rinse the mask under running D.I. water in the sink.  Dry the mask with an air-gun.  Any gloves, or clean room wipes contaminated with CA-40 cleaning solution would be bagged and disposed of in the ha
zardous materials garbage.   Any waste CA-40 cleaning solution would be rinsed down the sink at the developer bench in the Litho Area with copious amounts of D.I. water.    
I am attaching the MSDS sheet for the Cleaning Solution.   


Aleta Jamora  (ajamo)
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