October Equipment from G-Fab

Chris Detrick & David Lee chris.detrick at global-fab.com
Wed Oct 4 00:53:24 PDT 2006

Global Fab Surplus
October Key Equipment Sale
October 03, 2006


G-Fab is proud to announce that we have the
following key equipment available for immediate sale.

Equipment listing

* Speedfam/IPEC 676 CMP (2 available for $50K

* Keithly S900 (2 available)

* ASML 300 DUV (call or email for details)

* Applied Materials Centura II DPS+ 

* ASML 2500/40

* KLA Tencor Prometrix FT-750

* Rudolph METAPULSE 200

* TEL Alpha 8SE furnace

* TEL Mark II Developer

* TEL Act 8 Clean track

If any of these tools are of interest please contact
us for more details. We also offer a complete line
of new bellows, Ferrofluidic Seals, Spindles and
Subassemblies, and complete Clean - Repair and
Refurbishment services on ASTEX/MKS Remote Plasma
Source and the WJ heated box.

<font color=blue>For a complete list of equipment click here</font> - http://rs6.net/tn.jsp?t=qab7zybab.0.wsd6mybab.jfe8jybab.9044&ts=S0208&p=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.global-fab.com%2F15.html

Equipment Wanted
G-Fab is always looking for equipment that our
customers have a need for.  We would be happy to
help you dispose of your surplus equipment.
Curriently we have open RFQ's for the following
tools. If you have any of these available please
contact us immediatly.

* WJ 1000H BPSG

* Applied Materials Endura's

* Back Grinder (100mm -200mm capable with a 2 step


* OnTrak DSS Series II 

* DNS SS-W60A - dual sided scrubber

* DNS SS-W80A - dual sided scrubber

* TEL Unity M, 85TD

Thank you for your time. I hope you find our
services and support beneficial. Please feel free to
forward this email to whom ever you feel would
benefit. Just click on the forward link below.


Chris Detrick & David Lee
email: chris.detrick at global-fab.com
phone: (805) 215-9188
web: http://www.global-fab.com

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