Req.Approval SIPR 7123M-20 + MSDS

Mahnaz Mansourpour mahnaz at
Fri Oct 6 11:35:55 PDT 2006

artyjamo at wrote:

> Hello Spec-Mat Committee,
> I would like to bring in a new photoresist made by Shin-etsu Micro Si 
> called SIPR 7123M -20.
>    This is a high viscosity positive photoresist for 15-70 um thick 
> coatings.  I would
> like to bring  in an 8oz bottle (like those that are issued in the
> SNF stockroom) and keep it in the small  flammables
> cabinet, along with the other SNF members resist samples.    I would be
> using these resists to coat my substrates on the Headway spinner (15 
> to 80
> um thick) and softbaking them on the hotplates that are immediately to 
> the
> right of the Headway spinner.   I would like to expose the coated
> substrates on the Karl Suss aligners, and develop the patterns in LDD-26W
> at the develop bench in the litho area.    Used developer would go down
> the drain in the develop bench.   Any waste of these resists would be put
> in the solvent waste carboy in the Solvent bench.   Any clean 
> roomwipes contaminated with this resist, empty bottles with resist 
> resid ues would be bagged and put in the solid chemical waste bin in 
> the Litho area.
> I am attaching a soft copy of the MSDS sheet
> Please let me know ASAP if I can bring this sample in for use.
> Much Thanks,
> Aleta Jamora      (ajamo)

Hi Aleta,

SpecMat has reviewed and approved your request.
I think this is a better substitute for the other resist presently used 
and you know the routine well so stop by and get the yellow labels and 
the bar-code.


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