Followup to ZnSe request

Ben Chui bwchui at
Tue Oct 17 10:40:55 PDT 2006

Hi all,

On behalf of A.M.Fitzgerald and Associates, I'd like to follow up on
our ZnSe request as follows, with a modified process:

All ZnSe islands (deposited through a shadow mask at external vendors)
will be fully encapsulated with LTO and/or sputtered silicon (both
deposited at external vendors as well) before the wafers are brought
back into the fab.  From this point onwards, the ZnSe will NOT be
exposed to the outside world at all during any subsequent litho and
etching steps.  Etching of other regions of the wafer will be
restricted to the MRC and/or drytek4, and wbgeneral (using our own

We'll be glad to do a TXRF analysis of a ZnSe sample if necessary.

Please let us know if this is acceptable.


Ben Chui
A.M.Fitzgerald and Associates

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