SpecMat, 10/24/06

Mary Tang mtang at stanford.edu
Tue Oct 24 08:58:14 PDT 2006

Hi Ed, et al -

My comments:

#190:  Given that Rohit and IBM are not entirely happy with us these 
days, what can we do to somehow involve them in the SpecMat process of 
this request?  I think it is way to easy for them to say that we are 
stonewalling them on this, even though we believe the ball is in their 

#218:  I think he is doing a modification of a standard photography 
process.  Ammonium Chromate is toxic and strong oxidizer.  It should be 
collected locally, and should not be used anywhere solvents and resists 
are likely to be used.  He should indicate where he's getting his 
chemicals and include an MSDS.  I think you can buy commercially 
available, pre-mixed, dilute solutions (like 1%) which are then not 
likely to pose any mixing hazards in our lab.  This would be preferred.  
By the way, I'm not sure why this chemical is considered a sensitizer -- 
I'm no chemist, but I think it's more of an inhibitor or developer of 
some sort...  It would be good to see his protocol.

#219/#220:  These seem to be OK to me....

#221:  I think we may need to do a little better on our clean 
documentation (and you'd know that Kevin would ask this...)  One of us 
should sit down with him and explain to him what contamination 
means....  By the way, Nancy and/or Jim probably have a much clearer 
memory of this...  We used have tylanpoly as a semiclean tube.  And we 
have operated it as a clean tube, but would allow semiclean processing, 
provided a doped poly capping layer was run subsequent to the semiclean 
run.  I don't believe we ever ran with metal-film-containing wafers, 
however; just wafers which had been exposed to metals (and then removed) 
or semiclean equipment.  (This was Randy True did, I think....)  So, I 
don't recall that we ever ran poly dep on top of pure metals (though 
maybe silicides...)

Ed Myers wrote:

> All,
> We have a couple of items on this weeks agenda.  I propose we go ahead 
> and hold our meeting at 1:30 today in CIS101.  It should be quick.
> Regards,
> Ed

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