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He made two attempts to say something, and again dropped into the arms of the attendant detectives.
It was growing dark, the light showed in the window of a distant cottage. Great oaken beams ran across the cellar, and these supported heavy wooden slats, black with age.
As he was shutting the windows, Sneed came into the room. The operator invariably tells you when a call office is coming through. I discovered that before I went into the house last night! Personally, Im not worried about trouble coming tonight unless his lordship brings it with him. Do you feel that way about all - your cases?
He has a peculiar, weak, giggling sort of laugh that I remember ever since he was a boy. And then another huge form came up, and the second of the monstrous beings appeared. Great oaken beams ran across the cellar, and these supported heavy wooden slats, black with age.
Jump in; Im going to Selford, said Martin. Under the influence of the second bottle of wine the lawyer became more his normal self. Mr Havelock, an overcoat over his pyjamas, was running up and down frenziedly. Jump in; Im going to Selford, said Martin.
I shouldnt think so, replied Dick with a reassuring smile.
Stay here, said Dick, and ran out of the room through the hall into the grounds. What time do you expect Selford to arrive?
Why I am included in the invitation, I dont know. She died from fright - at least, that is the doctors opinion, said the Yard man. He was the first into the chamber, and made for the stone casket. Men will say things to women that they will never confess to men, she said.
Have you arranged to get the police down? Briefly and a little cantankerously, he described what he had seen. You didnt tell me that, said the Sussex man resentfully. That bears out to a large extent my theory, said Dick. Except for a pair of ragged short breeches he was naked. Sneed explained that phenomenon in a few words. For the first time in his life he was really afraid.
As to their connection, Ill tell you something. Lord Selford will tell us that in the morning, said Dick briskly and looked at his watch. His heart almost stopped beating at the sight.
Mr Havelock hinted to me that Selford had probably married.
Your name is Arthur Elwood Havelock, and I am Chief Inspector John Sneed of Scotland Yard. 
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