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I felt pretty prosperous, and probably I looked it.
Then I saw a bloke inoveralls with a bag of tools coming along and tried again. Have you noticed that they always do that nowadays?
But it lets you know that youre alive yourself.
I dont want to stop people living in towns,or in suburbs for that matter.
And theres the place where the horse-mushrooms used togrow!
Suddenly comes out with the whole dossier ofthe case. I seemed to have it all planned out in my mind already. Im the ordinarymiddling kind that moves on when the policeman tells him.
It was enormous, twenty acres, I should think. I shoved myfoot down on the accelerator again. She started, looked surprised, and didnt answer. What was the good of telling her Id been born in thehouse?
Besides, the old town hadnt beenannihilated.
I didnt really want any tea, but I had to see the inside. Every new townputs its cemetery on the outskirts. The thing I was looking down at was a good-sizedmanufacturing town.
Thechief landmarks were the church tower and the chimney of thebrewery.
As forHilda and the kids, theyd probably never notice the difference. And its gone for ever if the rubber truncheon boys gethold of us. I get a fortnights holiday a year, generallyin August or September.
The only thing that hadnt changed,seemingly, was Binfield House.
One thing Ive noticed about the human mind is that it goes injerks. Theres a chapwho says he wont be streamlined! Themystery of their lives, down there under water.
There was no separate cemetery then, onlythe churchyard. Asolid business man, youd have said, at any rate if you hadnt seenthe car. They never say that the chap underneaththem died, its always passed away or fell asleep. Another minute and Lower Binfieldwould be in sight. Ive told you something about our old life there, before the war. Besides, even ifthat kind of danger exists, it doesnt really enter into onesthoughts beforehand.
And even that isntlikely to affect me personally. 
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