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After all, she was hardlymore than a child.
He hastened up the steps andgently kicked in the ribs a youth who was lying asleep on theveranda. Reluctantly, she gave it to Ko Sla to putin the bag. Her tears had ceased flowing quite suddenly.
But there iss one other matter, Mr Flory, that I didnot care to mention before.
There was somethingpitiful beyond words in that.
If onlyhe would always talk about shooting, instead of about books and Artand that mucky poetry! He tumbled, showered feathers thirtyyards away. It wasstifling hot, with a scent of crushed leaves. A low hedge of thorns divided thefield in the middle. She could hardly give it up, the feel of it so ravished her. She wasclinging close to him, her face hidden against his shirt, her bodyshaking with sobs.
They will gettired of it and pay up presently. But you must understand that I cant promise toget you elected.
A large heavy bird, with flight much slower than the others, wasflapping overhead. The ground was dusty and silent underfoot. A jungle fowl scuttled across the path with long noisystrides. She looked at him through her tears, anxiously,studying him for a sign of mercy. Its impossible, he said, turning away again.
But you must understand that I cant promise toget you elected.
For the last time, thakin: you will not take me back?
I am staying in Kyauktada, at my cousins house.
A flight of green pigeons were dashing towards them at incrediblespeed, forty yards up.
They were like a handful of catapultedstones whirling through the sky. Elizabeth raised her gun and tried to steady it.
Elizabeth at once began trembling so uncontrollably that she couldnot keep her gun-barrel still.
They were getting deeperinto the jungle now. But the astonishing thing was that it only madehim laugh. Hesaid:Suppose, for instance, you were elected to the Club? One bird flutteredout and perched alone on the topmost bough, a small greyish shape. He was holding her in his arms, almost caressing her.
The headman looked abashed and rubbed his nose. 
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