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How lovely, how lovely if wecould get that leopard! He had heard that Europeans drank milk in their tea. I must ask you to put up with it for a little while. Yes, the old moon does her best in this country.
Itfilled her with bitter envy, because she had not shot it. It was amovement that she made sometimes when she was deeply pleased. Ko Sla yelled, and he and Floraced after them.
He described the shooting, years ago, of a mangy old man-eater whohad killed one of his coolies.
The tall, bearded Sikhs stood in agroup round their horses heads, eyeing Flory without much favour. On this thought, at peace in his mind, and dog-tired after the long day, he went to bed.
One person who could see it with eyessomething like your own. DO tell me some more about tiger-shooting. The hot sweattrickled down her face, tickling her upper lip, and her heart wasknocking violently.
The jungles teem with game, but as often as not you dont even geta chance to fire your gun.
How lovely, how lovely if wecould get that leopard! Elizabeth wriggled her shoulder-blades against the chair.
The beaters came crowding round Flory, all talking eagerly andpointing into the jungle.
It was fortunate that his wife was out ofhearing, or there might have been a first-rate scandal. Both their shirts were drenched with sweat. It wasstifling hot, with a scent of crushed leaves.
He tumbled, showered feathers thirtyyards away. In the doorway ofevery hut clusters of moonlike, rustic faces gaped at theIngaleikma.
A flight of green pigeons were dashing towards them at incrediblespeed, forty yards up.
DO tell me some more about tiger-shooting.
I expect you can remember ever so many earthquakes cant youbutler? 
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