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Her eyes were bright, there was color in her cheeks, her manner wascheerful, almost gay.
You AINT been meetin that Crispthing, have you? Id do more n that to get rid of havinto live along with that Crisp woman.
Your people wrote me you would be here then.
He was dressed kind of smart, likeone of them city drummers, he admitted.
If she cared toconsult him at any time she knew, for he had told her, that she waswelcome to do so. The friendship between them was precisely that which existedbetween him and old Mrs.
Would you be willin to sell me your Boroda,Mary? I told Capn Dave I rather guessed you wasgoin out this evenin, she explained. Jim vowed he couldnt do it until you come. Well, I dont know as it is any of ouraffairs. There is nothing wrong withthe amount or the signature.
He has lived in Denver, orsomewheres out West there, for ever so long.
Did you use toknow him well when he was here in Wapatomac? What he had just heard concerning BenjaminBrewster was but mildly intriguing.
He followed her into the sitting room, but he refused to remove hiscoat or even to sit down.
And some of it comes rightstraight from abaft the mainmast, too, as you might say.
The doctors tell him he cant live many yearslonger, or something like that.
Whats made you so high and mighty all to once?
Hisrelations with Mary Brewster were literally those of business. She mustbe fussy if she figures HE aint good enough for her. So thatis the way of it, and we never guessed, the Skipper and I. Cummings was still but mildly interested.
Just business, thats all it is, he said,earnestly. Didnt look as if hed climbed out of thepoorhouse window, Id say that much. 
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