PFPE (fluorinated PDMS)

Mary Tang mtang at
Tue Sep 5 16:27:18 PDT 2006

Hey, I want this stuff!  There should be no problem with this request - 
especially as the mixing and curing are done outside the lab.  My vote: 
  we approve this and add it to our knowledge base of cool stuff. 


Randy Stoltenberg wrote:

> SpecMat Committee:
> I formally request to bring the material described in the following
> attachements into the clean room. The material looks and feels like
> cured PDMS, but has a different composition. The document entitled
> "Final Specmat Request" contains all of the information requested on
> the website, and the other attachments are MSDSs of the materials
> described in the document. Please feel free to contact me with further
> questions.
> Randy

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