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It does not, as, with all its faults, theElizabethan audience did, leaven the mass with fire. Even in thejungle and the wilderness the compass still points. The happy family life had its effect upon Margarets character. But of characteras we understand the word there is no trace.
We have let the meaning of the play slipthrough our hands.
He alone lives, while other people, slaves of ceremony,let life slip past them in a kind of dream.
It is not for them to facefacts as they are.
And the groves ofElizabethan drama echo Where? That is entirelythe wrong way to set about it. All I desire is fame , wrote Margaret Cavendish, Duchess ofNewcastle. Somany cities levelled with the ground, so many nations exterminated. A rich mansteals because his father kept him short of money as a boy. She becomes allouter show and inward emptiness; dull, callous, and indifferent. Here then, in spite of all contradictions and all qualifications,is something definite.
It appears, then, that we are to aim at a democratic simplicity.
But enough of death; it is life thatmatters. The happiness of their home life had otherresults as well.
Communication is health; communication istruth; communication is happiness.
If he had had to live again, he said, he would havelived the same life over.
What moments of intensity, what phrases of astonishingbeauty the play shot at us!
The onlookers were full of derision, disparagement, and slander.
Observe yourself: one moment youare exalted; the next a broken glass puts your nerves on edge.
We can never doubt for an instant that hisbook was himself.
Ford, it is claimed, isof the school of Stendhal and of Flaubert; Ford is a psychologist. A rich mansteals because his father kept him short of money as a boy. He did approve, shewrote, of those bashful fears which many condemned, . Face, voice, and accent ekeout our words and impress their feebleness with character inspeech.
A dozen deaths offull-grown men and women move us less than the suffering of one ofTolstois flies.
But what then is the exclamation with which weclose War and Peace?
Suchwords help one to muffle up opinions which it would be highlyimpolitic to speak outright.
He laid holdof the beauty of the world with all his fingers. The happiness of their home life had otherresults as well. 
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