chemical shambles

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Who wouldnt be tempted: at the age offorty?
Hungupon his words and his motions, and looked up to him as if he wereCaesar.
The captain at once walked into the shop. Myhusband has ALWAYS been PERFECTLY SWEET to me.
I have never known himbefore go against my real wishes.
And the something of a servant-like way in which he went out to do his wifes bidding. But in the end he suddenly took the train to Munich. Poor little devil: it was like a deliberatesatire. Andthe thing she had to fight was the vulgarity of disillusion. Only theywere big, marvellous playthings to her.
Dear, it slipped so quicklyinto disillusion. It seems an impossible thing to have happened.
She paused for some moments before she answered. If the magic had REALLY beenthere, on those evenings in that great lofty attic. But she might be made to see that itwould be very much WISER of her to move of her own free will. And she would have had her own languageand her own ways.
And she thought his face seemed different, more flexible.
And she thought of thestupid, inferior look on his face. Only theywere big, marvellous playthings to her.
He thought it was partof his own nature to be shut in. Sohe prepared to sell the house and most of the things in it. But she would die in the cage, like the black-cap.
Who wouldnt be tempted: at the age offorty?
Oh, she wished somuch she had never been. Well, Im not going to be jealous of the moon, said Hannele atlength.
And such anaristocrat, that lovely turn of her head, and her simple, elegantdress.
And NO stranger should everbe made a party to these terrible bits of connubial staging. Of course there wasnt a shadow of doubtafter that. 
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