Material request: ZnS

Ed Myers edmyers at
Tue Sep 12 15:55:47 PDT 2006


Both Zn and S are below our nominal vapor pressure cut off for vacuum 
equipment or elevated temperature processing.  Yes, there is some 
ZnCdS work going on, but it is regulated, only for limited work and 
not given a free pass through the fab.  There is not a problem with 
brining the material in to the fab for metrology on gold contaminated 

The viability comment related to the doing the etch you requested.


At 03:37 PM 9/12/2006, Ben Chui wrote:
>     Can you clarify what is not viable at SNF?  Bringing in
>externally-deposited ZnS films into the lab?  Or dry-etching it
>in-house?  Assuming we can get the films etched elsewhere, we'd still
>like the ability to bring the films in-house for inspection.  From
>Jim's earlier replies, it seems like ZnCdS is already allowed in the
>lab, so I presume that's no problem?
>On 12/09/06, Ed Myers <edmyers at> wrote:
>>SpecMat has reviewed your request, and do not think your process is
>>viable at SNF.  We would like to work through the NNIN remote
>>processing community on your behalf if you are interested.  We will
>>be happy to fill out the required paperwork.  Please let me know how
>>you would like to proceed.
>>At 03:04 PM 9/7/2006, you wrote:
>> >Hello specmat committee,
>> >
>> >     On behalf of A.M.Fitzgerald and Associates, I'd like to submit a
>> >material request for ZnS.  This material will be deposited at an
>> >external vendor and we'd like to bring it into SNF for dry etching
>> >only.
>> >
>> >     To our knowledge, this material has been used at the Univ of
>> >Minnesota clean room for optical MEMS.
>> >
>> >     Please advice us as to whether this material is allowed in SNF
>> >and  if so in which machines.
>> >
>> >Thanks,
>> >
>> >Ben Chui

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