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And they made fun of me whenever I put it on. Hell just think me an old-maid gooseberry.
Ive been wanting to tell you just that forsome time.
And a dog really is such a protection at night. And I can never do it on a teachers salary. Im not going to ask you to sit down here . I came to ask if you would spend the Christmas holidays with me atGreen Gables.
But I thought she ought to know, said Mrs.
Ive been wanting to tell you just that forsome time.
But I dont know if youll have a jolly time ornot.
Father and Mother died when I was ten and I came over hereto live with a cousin of mothers .
Ah, this is how life should be, purred Doras kitten. So I dont know whether to take my muff or not. Rebecca Dews red cheeks grew even redder.
I had to wear the most awfulold tam to church all the rest of the winter.
I only know that I feel Id like to tell you what my life has beenlike.
To her amazementshe found she was enjoying it. Things havealways been made easy for YOU.
The linoleum in the hall was wornto shreds. Oh, wont it be fun to have something comingto me mineself through the post-office! It aint nice to make fun of your elders, she said rebukingly. I asked her if I might get a dog and she refused. So much for the triumph of matter overmind. But meanwhile Ive developed the wrong way.
It must have relieved you to say that, said Katherine. 
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