using spun-on nanotubes in process flow

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Fri Sep 15 15:04:52 PDT 2006

Hi Mary, spec mat committee,


I would like to use a layer of spun-on nanotubes (from either
dicholorethane or dimethylformamide) as the active layer in some
back-gated nanotube devices.  Here is my proposed process flow:


Proposed process flow for devices from spun-on nanotubes:


1)      Bring prepared nanotube powder (capped) into lab

2)      Add 5 mL -10 mL of dicholorethane or dimethylformamide to the
poweder and re-cap

3)      Sonicate for 2 hrs in water bath (closed container)

4)      Spin-coat a small amount of the supernatant at various dilutions
onto prepared substrate (100 nm oxide on silicon w/etched Hitachi
alignment marks)

5)      Spin PMMA over nanotube layer

6)      Pattern source/drain electrodes with Hitachi and develop

7)      Deposit source/drain metal using Innotec

8)      Liftoff PMMA/metal



Please let me know if this is acceptable, and which spin-coater I should




Juanita Kurtin

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