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Im not going into this affair for fun, I replied.
A manin his early forties, strongly made, with the square, clean-shavenface of his profession. Do you know anything about a fellow called Albinus, Erick Albinus? Partly because Ive been funnily mixedup with Haraldsen, for Fate made me his fathers legatee.
Hedidnt say one word till we reached the house and were beinggreeted by Mary.
He must be a bold blackmailer to tackle you. You must give me a lift backthere in your car, Dick. Partly because ofMonsieur le Capitaine Jacques DIngraville, alias Pierre Blanc.
And we are not to use names, please, at table.
Youve been amazingly lucky, but you mustnt press yourluck too far. But I didnt think it wise to come direct.
Itwas the gang who were persecuting Haraldsens son.
I had had too much of it in the affair with Medina,which I have already written about. The man might be a bandit, but he wouldnt be asneak-thief.
I asked him where he was living and if he was sure he had not beenfollowed here.
I began by going fully intothe Haraldsen business, of which, of course, Sandy knew nothing.
And Irepeated briefly what Sandy Clanroyden had told me. Its a private affair which I would ratherkeep to myself for a little till I see how things shape.
He worshipped Sandy, and to be employed by himthrilled him to the marrow.
Macgillivray thought that there might be something in that.
Haraldsen is an invalid, I said, and must keep quiet.
I had a long talk about him with Jack Godstow. At first I thought thatno one knew me in England.
He had also the latest works onfinance, so he kept himself abreast of his profession. 
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