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I saw them strike you down, and Ul Vas told me that theyhad killed you. Ur Jan and Jat Or accompanied me with drawn swords, andZanda followed close behind.
There are plots and intriguesin the castle.
As I entered the room, Ozara came close to me and placed her hands uponmy breast.
After she had gone and I had closed the door behind her, I found aheavy bar on the inside. Ul Vas would have tortured us, she replied; the beasts will be moremerciful. It was not to save my life that I promised, she said.
When they had finished, Umka turnedtoward me.
Jat Or and Ur Jan were laughing but I could see that Ozara did not knowwhat it was all about.
I love my mistress, Ozara, she said simply.
I am going to lower you to the window of the room just below, Iwhispered. As we stepped out into the corridor, I saw a man approaching. I shook my head and pushed his hand away. I am very happy, Vandor, she replied, happier than I ever expectedto be in my life.
Then it backed in and settled downupon its scaffolding. Ul Vas is keeping her thereuntil he is ready to destroy her. Speak up, said Ur Jan, giving the fellow a shake.
At least, Ul Vas thinks that only thosethree know of it; but I know.
She cast affrighted glances in alldirections.
They were bravewarriors and worthy foemen.
She returned my bantering smile as she replied. What are you doing here, and the Jeddaraof the Tarids?
Perhaps some ofthese brutes can climb, too, but we shall have to take a chance. But when we looked around, Rapas wasnot there. He is a powerful man, withpolitical affiliations in other cities of the nearer moon. Well, said Ur Jan, I can heat it myself; but first let me kill FalSivas. >From the dense shadowsjust beyond the firelight, two blazing eyes were flaming.
She cast affrighted glances in alldirections. 
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