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G-Fab Surplus Equipment

Your Source for Surplus Semiconductor Equipment, Spares and Service
September 2006
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Semiconductor Equipment
Spare Parts and Service
G-Fab Launches
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For a complete list of available equipment and
spares CLICK
HERE ( or visit our website using the quicklinks
to the left.

G-Fab is built on the principles of providing
quality products and reliable service in the
Semiconductor Equipment Surplus sector.

Our diversified product range continues to grow
through strategic partnerships, improving our
service and listening to the customer. This allows
us to make a distinctive and substantial financial
impact for our clients.

Semiconductor Equipment
Your Source for Global Surplus Semiconductor Equipment
At G-Fab we buy and sell surplus semiconductor
equipment. We maintain a dynamic database with thousands
of pieces of equipment. Click on the
picture or visit our web site ( (
a complete
listing. Here is a small list of what is available.

* IPEC/Speedfam 676 CMP (MUST SELL FAST, make us
an offer)

* LAM DSM 9800 (Deep submicron CVD) (3 available)

* Applied Materials Endura 5500

* CHA MK-50

* AG Associate 4700 Heatpulse

* Applied Materials Centura, P5000 & Endura


Complete Equipment list -

Spare Parts and Service
Thousands of spare parts and services available through G-Fab
G-Fab has over 30,000 spare parts available in
inventory. Along with these spares we also have
remanufactured and new:

* Edge Welded Metal Bellows

* Ferrofluidic type seals

* ASTEX Astron Remote Plasma Source

* Watkins Johnson heated box or process muffle

* And thousands of other spares needed

GFab repairs, reworks and refurbishes all
Ferrofluidic type seals and we offer complete repair
of the Watkins Johnson heated box or process muffle
and ASTEX/MKS Astron Remote Plasma Source.  Click on
the "read on..." link to read more about these
services offered.

Read on... -

G-Fab Launches

Global Fab Surplus Semiconductor Equipment LLC, also
known as GFab and Global Fab, was formed in May 2006
by semiconductor equipment professionals with
decades of experience working with wafer fabs,
OEMs, R&D facilities and government and academic
research groups......

Read on... -

We're Listening

Help us serve you better

G-Fab is dedicated to customer service and serving
you better. Please click here 
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and update the 2 min. survey so you receive what you
are interested in.

We look forward to hearing from you with your comments.

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Global Fab Surplus Semiconductor Equipment LLC is
dedicated to supplying our customers with cost
savings throughout their manufacturing facilities.
We offer a wide range of process equipment, spare
parts and service capabilities. We look forward to
working with you and your organization and helping
you improve your bottom line.Thank You,

Chris Detrick & David Lee
Global Fab Surplus Semiconductor Equipment LLC

Email:chris.detrick at




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