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All I can say is that whenMontezuma speaks those lines he drops dead. When I am deadyou must go back to Portugal, where your brother the king will takecare of you.
I sometimes think religion and brains are thecurse of the world. You needhands to scratch your heads and carry food to your mouths.
Who asked you for your opinion, you jealous cat?
We canexchange our revenges and remain good Christians. But, Charles, I love you when you put on your royalty.
Sir: Copernicus was a painterbefore he became an astronomer. Go out into yourgarden and throw a stone straight if you can.
You are not lazy: I wish you were: I should see more ofyou. Ah, that was wicked of you: you have destroyed a finepiece of work.
They have setme free to be something more to you than they are or can ever be. And your brother Alfonso was king of Portugalbecause he was the son of his father. They have setme free to be something more to you than they are or can ever be.
Motion in a curve is the law ofnature; and the law of nature is the law of God.
The facts seem to be on theside of the painter.
Orange girls and players and such like poor folk thinknothing of mentioning them. You will do nothing of the sort, Mr Kneller.
A prie-dieu, and the pictures, which are all devotional,are signs of the queens piety. Yet Portsmouth keeps her hold on you, and Nellie theplayer. I tell youthe world is full of kings and queens and their little courts. Thank your stars for that, Pastor: you have nothing tounlearn. I not wish to be troubled with Chiffinch when we arealone. 
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