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Of course Gutekind and his beetles made it worse but howwas I to know that? So I told the maid it didnt matterand I would go back again, I didnt say where.
Im pretty good atsquash; better than he thinks. But they were lying on their backs and as soon as they saw methey got up and went away.
But they were lying on their backs and as soon as they saw methey got up and went away. Then while he dresses,he worries me about how much of my holiday task Ive done. As for Sissy she always sucks up to everyone soshell be all right. I beat Sully minoreasily and hes nearly as good as Sully major and hes the best in theschool. Id bettercome home with him and I said I would. When Green took it up I might as well have been sent toCoventry at once. Some of her hair had fallen downby the side of her ear.
XIUp to the last I was in an awful funk that papa would take me down toClive. When his shoe-lace came undone yesterday, Id have given anything to doit up for him.
What shall I do the day after to-morrow when we go away?
She would have been frightened of herbeing so ugly and having such a croak in her voice.
Mother rides beautifully and I loveriding with her. Here comes that stupid ass Frisby with his beastly truss sticking out. There was nobody in the house Iliked as much as Garnett at St.
I wouldnt haveminded what she wanted me to do.
He gave his mother a smacking kiss on the cheek and I saw thebutter mark.
It cant beawfully bad except for the disgrace and Im so disgraced now it cant beany worse.
There was another door besidesinto the lavatory where I often used to hide from Fräulein Schwind. 
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