SpecMat Logsheet 4/24/07

Ed Myers edmyers at stanford.edu
Mon Apr 23 14:38:53 PDT 2007


It's been a long time since we have met to go over the SpecMat 
items.  Let's plan to meet on Tuesday, April 24th at 1:30pm in CIS101.

The following are the open items:

Item 240, 1150C for 48 hour anneal:  I have not heard from the 
requester.  I will check to see their interest level.

Item 244, fabricate metal nanopatterns (Ag and Au) on the CaF2 substrate
Recommendation:  Approve Request

Item 245, ZnMgSe Milling in MRC
Selenium MSDS Warnings:  May be fatal if inhaled, swallowed or 
absorbed thru the skin Avoid all contact. Use with adequate 
ventilation. Wash thoroughly after use. Keep container 
closed.   DANGER!! Vapors if inhaled or absorbed through the skin can 
be POISONIOUS!! Effects of over exposure:lung irritation and 
dermatitis. Acute: Dust is TOXIC . HARMFUL if swallowed. Stomach 
pains,vomiting, diarrhea, coughing and chest pains, diffuculty in 
breathing. Chronic: none are specified by manufacturer. Target 
organs: upper respiratory tract and eyes. Conditions 
aggravated/target organs. Persons with pre-existing eye,skin or 
respiratory conditions may be more susceptible.
Recommendation: We should really consider if we will allow this 
material in the fab.  The MRC is a diffusion pumped system and the by 
products of the etches can end up in the oils.  We do change the oil 
frequently when the system sees a period of high use.  If we allow 
this material, then we will need to see if the maintenance group is 
willing to work with the oils and coordinate the etchs.

Item 246, Gallium-Indium-Tin Oxide (GITO) film processing and etch.
Recommendation:  Approve.  The process flow is compatible with our 
gold contaminated equipment set.

Item 247, Indium Tin oxide and carbon sputtering
Recommendation, Reject carbon sputtering since past efforts have 
failed.  Ask Nishi group for ITO sputter in AJA system since it is a 
supported material in the sputter system.

Item 248, UVCur06 and solvent thinner to be used on the Nanoimprint project.
Recommendation:  This is probably a request which can be approved, 
however there is no information on the usage, storage or flow of the 
material through the fab.  The request for this information has not 
been answered.

Item 249, Use of thermal grease in STSetch
Recommendation:  We often get a similar request.  I've talked to 
Nancy and she is thinking about it.  If we do go forward, we would 
need a well established procedure on how and when the grease can be 
used.  This item needs further discussion.


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