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Wed Apr 25 15:57:08 PDT 2007

Dear SpecMat committee,

I am Masaharu Kobayashi, new graduate student in Prof.Nishi's group.

I am writing email to confirm new chemical which I plan to use can be
possible to introduce in SNF or not.

The chemical is HBr.

The reason why I plan to use it is following:
To make good interface between Ge wafer and gate dielectric,
appropriate passivation is absolutely necessary.
According to the previous study by our Nishi group, HBr is the best chemical
to passivate Ge surface other than HF or HCl.

Now HF and HCl are commonly used chemical, but HBr is highly toxic and  
even in wetbench general.

However, by paying careful attention to disposal of HBr, HBr might not
be much polution. For example:
(i)I will prepare my own disposal bottle for HBr.
Then I will drain the used HBr and also rinsing water into that bottle.
By doing that,I should be able to drain minimum HBr.

(ii)The amount of HBr is also small, as much as 49% 100ml in one passivation.

(iii)In addition, I prepare beakers by my own and completely separate  
them from
commonly used beaker and other personal containers. I will be able to
prevent cross-contamination.

Considering all things above, could you tell me HBr is applicable or not.
Hopefully, I can introduce it in SNF and make good contribution the future
Ge MOS devices.

Best regards,

Masaharu Kobayashis

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