PDMS in Innotec

Mary Tang mtang at stanford.edu
Tue Aug 7 15:46:57 PDT 2007

Hi all --

I believe this has been approved through SpecMat previously.  Neville 
Mehenti was doing this (either through innotec or metallica) and a 
couple other people as well.

The PDMS should be fully cured (i.e., not tacky/liquid).  The only 
concern would be if the metal peeled off the PDMS while in the system -- 
this could happen if the substrate got too warm, as the thermal 
expansion coefficient of PDMS is pretty high.  This is less of an issue 
if the PDMS is thin and spun/cured onto substrates (doesn't expand much 
if constrained.)


Jason Komadina wrote:
> I need to deposit metal on PDMS (polydimethylsiloxane). The PDMS layer 
> is deposited on gold-coated Si wafers in the MERL clean shop and will 
> be transported to SNF in wafer cases wrapped in foil and in a ziploc 
> bag. Is it acceptable to use Innotec for this? I am not trained on the 
> other metallization tools in the SNF. The deposition can be masked by 
> either a kapton shadow mask or stainless steel shadow mask.
> Thanks,
> Jason Komadina

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