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Hi Makoto --

This is already an approved chemical for wbsolvent.  If you store it in 
the lab, it should be kept in the small Flammables cabinet, in the 
personal chemicals bin.  Please see Mahnaz or Ed about getting a yellow 
label for your chemical.  The standard procedures for using this 
chemical are dilution in solvent at wbsolvent and soaking or dipping 
your sample at room temperature.  If there are changes to this procedure 
(such as heating the solution) let us know.

The only safety concern is the solvent that you will be using for 
diluting this chemical.  If it is one of the standard chemicals 
(isopropanol, ethanol, or methanol) and you are using dilute solutions 
(less than 5% APTES) then it is OK to dispose of the waste in the 
solvent carboy.  If you are using any other non-standard solvents (such 
as toluene), please let us know so we can discuss disposal of waste.

The other possible concern is contamination, since any glassware or 
labware you use will become coated with this material.  Please use your 
own glassware and labware.

If you need any protocols or procedures for use of this material, let us 
know as we have some materials.


mkoto at stanford.edu wrote:
> Hello,
>   I intend to use APTES(3-AMINOPROPYLTRIETHOXYSILANE) inside Lab, 
> Attached is MSDS of this chemical. This is very basic silane coupling 
> chemical.
> Please let me know if there are any concern for it and I can use it or 
> not.
> Best regards,
> Makoto
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