PECVD Process Change Request

Jim McVittie mcvittie at cis.Stanford.EDU
Mon Aug 27 16:18:34 PDT 2007


We have seen this problem before with Al. Your approach is in the right   
direction. Years ago, we developed a 300 C LTO process for this same 
reason. In the LTO case we were limited to a min temp of 300C. We  
deposited about 500A at 300C before finishing the deposition at 400C.
This gave a big improvement over a complete deposition at 400C.

For the PECVD system, the temp is kept at 350C to delay flaking from the  
chamber walls so we can do more runs before cleaning the system. At this  
time, I am not sure we have any of the data from the test runs used to    
determine that it was best to leave the system at 350C. We will need to 
talk to Jeanie and see what data before we can answer your request.


On Mon, 27 Aug 2007, Ron Kuse wrote:

> I would like to change the temperature of PECVD STS tool from 350 deg. C
> to 300, 250, and 200 to investigate effect on pinhole formation when
> deposited on 100nm Al film.  At 350 deg. C, a large number of pinholes
> form.  Images are available upon request but will not be emailed as they
> include proprietary design information.  Thank you.

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