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Dear Sir or Madam,

Please find attached fabsurplus.com's sales list for December 2007.

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Featured equipment for sale-December 2007
Agilent 93000 C400 test system
Applied Materials Twin Producer FTEOS CVD Tool
Applied Materials P5000 2 chamber TEOS Dep. tool
ASML PAS 5000/50 I-line stepper
Balzers LLS 502 PVD system
Canon FPA 3000 i3 and i4 steppers
FSM Intelligent FSM 128 Thin film measurement system
Refurbished Gasonics L3510A Ashers
Hamamatsu Phemos EMMI
KLA 7700 and AIT 1 - completely refurbished
Leica INS 3300 Inspection Microscope with SMIF enclosure
Nikon NSR 1755i7A i line stepper with wide-field capability, lens upgrade to 0.45 u resolution ( i10c standard)
Novellus C1 PECVD system - 150 mm
Seiko FIB
TEL UNITY sputter systems
WJ 999 AP CVD system
Varian EHPi500, Viista and Kestrel implanters

Seasons greetings,

Stephen Howe and the fabsurplus.com Sales Team
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