SpecMat Logsheet 2/13/06

Ed Myers edmyers at stanford.edu
Tue Feb 13 10:54:54 PST 2007


Once again we will not be holding a meeting.  There is a conflict 
with Paul's All Hands Meeting and we only have two request.

Item 240: perform long anneal.  In the literature this anneal is 
usually done at 1150C for about 48 hours. When diffusing from both 
surfaces of a 300 micron thick wafer, this results in a fairly 
uniform oxygen profile throughout the wafer thickness. The literature 
indicates that a oxygen level over 1e17/cm3 is necessary to gain the 
full benefits of this approach.  Oxygen diffusion has a temperature 
dependence such that it roughly doubles every 50C.
Recommendation:  Somehow we should be able to get this done by 
working with Chris Kenney.  There is a huge barrier to running 
temperature anneal for so long due to quartz sagging.  We will 
determine if lower temperatures is viable or they would like to 
purchase replacement quartz.  I have also contacted a friend in the 
silicon supply industry to see if they can find the required material 
or someone to run the anneals.

Item 241: Bring in AZ, 50XT
Recommendation:  Approved by Mahnaz
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