DISCO , EVG, STS equipment sale ends tomorrow

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Thu Feb 15 13:56:58 PST 2007

Dear Sir or Madam,

SDI Group of Companies and www.fabsurplus.com would like to remind you that our closed-bid 
sale of wafer level packaging equipment is closing on Friday 16th at 5 pm PST, so please
let us know your best offers before that time.
For further details on each line item, please visit the links as detailed below.
Full list:- http://www.sdi-fabsurplus.com/Wafer_Level_Packaging.html
Individual item listings:-
Ref. Vendor  Model      Description    
9310  Carl Baasel Laser SW250 Stacker Machine    http://www.SDI-fabsurplus.com/Wafer_Level_Packaging/9310.html  	 
13250 Disco DAD 3350 Wafer dicing tool           http://www.SDI-fabsurplus.com/Wafer_Level_Packaging/13250.html  	  
13251 Disco DFG 850 Backside grinder             http://www.SDI-fabsurplus.com/Wafer_Level_Packaging/13251.html  	 
13254 Disco DAD 3350 Disco dicing Saw            http://www.SDI-fabsurplus.com/Wafer_Level_Packaging/13254.html  	  
13252 EVG 150 Auto Spin/Spray Coating System     http://www.SDI-fabsurplus.com/Wafer_Level_Packaging/13252.html	  	 
13253 EVG 640 IQ Proximity Aligner               http://www.SDI-fabsurplus.com/Wafer_Level_Packaging/13253.html 
13260 EVG Gemini Customized Automatic Bonder     http://www.SDI-fabsurplus.com/Wafer_Level_Packaging/13260.html  	 
13246 Leybold LAB 900 GLL PVD Coating tool       http://www.SDI-fabsurplus.com/Wafer_Level_Packaging/13246.html		  
13247 Leybold LAB A700Q PVD Coating R&D tool     http://www.SDI-fabsurplus.com/Wafer_Level_Packaging/13247.html 	  
13255 Nikon NEXIV VMR-3020 automated microscope  http://www.SDI-fabsurplus.com/Wafer_Level_Packaging/13255.html  	 
14741 Facilities & substrate manuf. equipment    http://www.SDI-fabsurplus.com/Wafer_Level_Packaging/14741.html
13256 Sentec SE 400 Laser ellipsometer           http://www.SDI-fabsurplus.com/Wafer_Level_Packaging/13256.html
13258 STS ICP HR CVD ASE/PECVD Cluster tool      http://www.SDI-fabsurplus.com/Wafer_Level_Packaging/13258.html 	
13259 STS Mulitplex AOE Advanced Oxide Etch      http://www.SDI-fabsurplus.com/Wafer_Level_Packaging/13259.html	 	  
13248 Zeiss Axiotron Microscope(layer thickness) http://www.SDI-fabsurplus.com/Wafer_Level_Packaging/13248.html  	 

Yours sincerely,

Stephen Howe 
SDI Semiconductor Instruments Srl 
Via Rocco Galdieri, 6 
Napoli 80123 
Office: (Naples) Italy (39) 081 575 0506
Office: (Avezzano) Italy (39) 0863 50 90 50
Mobile: Italy (39) 335 710 7756 
Fax: Italy (39) 066 051 3344
showe at fabsurplus.com
Skype: Stephencshowe

Oliver Dunne 
SDI Semiconductor Instruments Ireland Limited 
20, Newtown Abbey 
Trim, Co. Meath, Ireland
Tel: Ireland (353) 4694 38804 
Mobile: Ireland (353) 872 985 561 
Fax: Ireland (353) 4694 86893 
ollie.dunne at fabsurplus.com
Skype: sdiireland

Michael Fortune
SDI Semiconductor Instruments Ireland Limited 
7, Friarspark,
Co. Meath, Ireland
Tel: Ireland (353) 4694 31951
Mobile: Ireland (353) 879150198
Mike Murehead 
SDI Fabsurplus LLC
Georgetown, TX 78628 
Tel: 512-635-8027 
Fax: 801-217-6104 
mike at fabsurplus.com 
Skype: sditexas

Randall Copeland 
SDI Fabsurplus LLC
Beaverton, Oregon
Tel: (503) 523-7027 
Fax: (801) 217-6104
support at fabsurplus.com 

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