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Chris Detrick & David Lee chris.detrick at global-fab.com
Wed Feb 28 13:32:27 PST 2007

Global Fab Surplus
Equipment For Sale
March 2007


Global Fab Surplus (G-Fab) announces it has
moved it's warehouse operations to a new,
larger location in Colorado Springs. The new
warehouse provides more space for equipment
and more space for RF power supply, match and
subsystem repair
and refurbishment. 

G-Fab provides New, Used,
Rebuilt and Refurbished Semiconductor
Process Equipment to Integrated Device
Manufacturers, Wafer Foundries, Research and
Development Sites all over the world. We buy and
sell used semiconductor equipment of all types
including backend, front end and special
tools and toolsets saving our clients millions in
capital equipment costs and time.

Equipment listing
We curriently have the following key equipment
available for immediate sale along with many
tools. Please visit our website for a complete
listing. www.global-fab.com (http://rs6.net/tn.jsp?t=5yoma6bab.0.vsd6mybab.jfe8jybab.9044&ts=S0235&p=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.global-fab.com)

* ASML PAS 5000/45 (lens data available,

* ASML PAS 5000 / 50 (two available)

* Speedfam/IPEC 676 CMP (SOLD)

* Rudolph METAPULSE 200

* AMAT 8330 Metal

* SVG 90S DUV Track

* Teradyne 973ST Tester

* Novellus Novascan 372m CMP systems (3

* Thousands of spare parts

* Hitachi S-4700 SEM (SOLD)

* Disco DAD 321

* Applied Materials Endura 5500 TiN, Ti, Al,
Al (any config)

* Applied Materials Producer S TEOS CVD

* Applied Materials Centura 5200 eMax

* Applied Materials PI9500 Implanter

* AMAT P5000 (Several available)

* Watkins Johnson 1000T  APCVD Furnace

* LAM Alliance 9400 PTX

* LAM Research TCP9608SE

* FSI Mercury MP

* Novellus Concept 1

* Novellus Concept 2

* Fein Focus FXS100.23S Wafer Inspection

* Advantest EDS Test T666AF ESD Test

* Teradyne Standalone AOI 5539Ci Tester

* KLA	2608	Optical Review

* KLA	eS20XP	Wafer Inspection

* KLA	eD0	Microloop Modeling


* KLA	2552	Data Analysis

* KLA	eV300	Auto SEM Review

* KLA	2131, -32, -33	Wafer Inspection

* KLA	2135	Wafer Inspection

* KLA	2139	Wafer Inspection

* KLA	2401	Macro Inspection

* KLA	Surfscan SP1	Particle Monitor

* KLA	Surfscan SP1-TBI	Particle Monitor

* KLA	5300	Optical Overlay

* KLA	AIT-I	Wafer Inspection

* KLA	AIT-II	Wafer Inspection

* KLA	Spectra Fx100	TF Metrology

* KLA	Quantox, -XP	Oxide Monitor

* KLA	5400-5500	Film Stress

If any of these tools are of interest to you
or if you have any of the equipment we are
looking for please
us for/with complete details.
We also offer hundreds of spare parts for
both front end and back end equipment.

<font color=blue>For a complete list of equipment click here</font> - http://rs6.net/tn.jsp?t=5yoma6bab.0.cqtvuzbab.jfe8jybab.9044&ts=S0235&p=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.global-fab.com%2FusedsemiconductorequipmentGlobalFabSurplus.html

Equipment Wanted
G-Fab is always looking for equipment that our
customers have a need for.  We would be happy to
help you dispose of your surplus equipment.
send us a listing of any equipment you have
or are
considering to dispose of.

Curriently we have open RFQ's for the following

* TEL	Alpha 8SE Hi Temp (1000degC, low

* TEL	Mark 8	2C/2D

* MRC	943

* LAM	Chambers TCP9600 and strip chambers

* LAM	A6 Platform With TCP 9600 and strip

* ADE 9600

* Applied Materials 	Mirra Mesa

* WJ 1000H BPSG

* WJ Watkins Johnson	WJ999R	999R or


Thank you for your time. I hope you find our
services and support beneficial. Please feel
free to
forward this email to whom ever you feel would
benefit. Just click on the forward link below.


Chris Detrick... chris.detrick at global-fab.com
David Lee... support at global-fab.com
email: chris.detrick at global-fab.com
phone: Chris (805) 215-9188
David (719) 686-0128
web: http://www.global-fab.com

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