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Somnath Nag nag at
Mon Jan 8 00:55:36 PST 2007

Soltaix is a recent SNF labmember and we are planning our first test lot starting this week. I've reviewed the process flow with a number of SNF staff and have been advised to obtain approval for one process step where the lot moves from STS deep etch to LPTEOS dep. Since this is a necessary process sequence to fab our product, I'm interested in getting your recommendation on how best to handle this. One option suggested to me was to run a dummy TEOS deposition after our product lot has been run to fix any furnace variation that may result from running our lot. Please advise. Thank you. The process flow is below

Step	Tool
-----          ------
Pre-diff clean    Diff Wet bench
HMDS	SVGCoat (YES?) Oven
PR coat	SVGCoat
Post bake	SVG Track1
Expose	Karl Suss - 2 tools
Develop	SVG PR Develop Tracks 1/2
PEB	May not need for SPR220 PR
Bosch etch 	STS2
PR strip, Polymer C/U	Gasonics + H2SO4, wbnonmetal
LP furnace preclean	wbnonmetal

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