Proposal to Test Addition of N2 to Improve AMT Polymer Etching

Jim McVittie mcvittie at cis.Stanford.EDU
Mon Jan 8 12:25:22 PST 2007


Presently, N2 is not a process gas on the AMT Etcher. We currently use
pure O2 for a patterning etch for polymers on this etcher. This is not a
great choice since it tends to cause undercut. By adding N2, the undercut
is reduced because it forms a sidewall passivent. I propose we do a quick
test using the Ar MFC and the house N2 already pumped to the chamber to
see how well the N2/O2 etch works.  This will involve adding a manual
3-way valve at the point where the Ar stainless steel (SS) flexline
attaches to the ridge SS line going into the tool. The plastic house N2
feed line attaches to the tool near this same point. If the results are
good, I propose we add a clean SS line with hi purity N2 to this point. It
might also be good if we switched to using hi purity N2 for chamber
venting at that time.


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