Request For Bringing in DUV112-6 Anti-Reflective Coating To SNF

Richter, Claudia crichter at
Tue Jan 9 10:23:33 PST 2007

Dear Specmat Committee,


We would like to request to bring in an anti-reflective coating to SNF.
The coating is the DUV112-6 from Brewer Science and we plan to use this
together with the resists you have in-house (PMMA, UVN-30) for DUV
lithography (holography). 


We will need this coating since our substrates (Li NO3) will have a
metal layer (Cu) and reflection will be an issue during exposure. We
would also like to use the Blue M oven (either the small or larger
programmable one) to cure the resist. It's likely that a temperature of
175C will do. However, we plan on doing a matrix of bake times to find
the optimal temperature/s that will work depending how the resist
profiles will appear. Our substrates cannot tolerate the hotplate bake
at these temperatures. The headway or laurel spin coaters would be used
to dispense a very thin coating.


We would like to use this coating as early as next week. Please contact
me or Lan (lzhang at if you have any questions or require
more information on this product. 


Best regards,



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