use of polystyrene nanospheres in SNF

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Tue Jul 3 16:41:02 PDT 2007


Yes we have been exchanging emails.  I will have to go back and see 
where we left off.  A search for David in my emails did not find 
anything.  It's probably under a different name.


At 04:32 PM 7/3/2007, Mary Tang wrote:
>Hi all --
>Did we get back to this group?  It's part of the ME342 program and 
>Tracy just stopped by...  My comments in a bit.
>David Gutierrez wrote:
>>I am emailing in regards to a proposed material that we plan to 
>>bring into SNF during the summer. Part of the project that we will 
>>be working on will involve the use of polystyrene nanospheres for 
>>use during one of the process steps.
>>My group members and I are wondering whether this material can be 
>>allowed to be brought into SNF. I am attaching the MSDS provided by 
>>the company (Duke Scientific) that describes the material.
>>These polystyrine nanospheres come in 15ml containers and are in a 
>>water solution. The individual polystyrene nanospheres will be in 
>>the range of about 300-500nm for the purposes that we are trying to use.
>>This project will be part of E342: MEMS Fabrication for the summer 
>>quarter. Please contact us at your earliest convenience to 
>>determine whether we can proceed with the proposed plan, or if we 
>>have to find alternate solutions.
>>David E. Gutierrez
>Mary X. Tang, Ph.D.
>Stanford Nanofabrication Facility
>CIS Room 136, Mail Code 4070
>Stanford, CA  94305
>mtang at

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