H2 annealing of pieces in either Epi reactor

rik9 at stanford.edu rik9 at stanford.edu
Mon Jul 9 11:59:54 PDT 2007


I urgently need to perform H2 annealing on pieces in the Epi reactor  
at pressures between 10-50 torr and temperatures between 900-1100C.

I talked to Maurice and he mentioned that people have tried using  
fusion bonding to attach pieces to a carrier wafer. However, the wafer  
shattered during processing in the ASM epi reactor.

I was wondering if we could try some alternate techniques like tack  
bonding, or simply cutting a recess in the carrier wafer to place the  
piece in without any bonding. Any procedure would work as long as I  
can perform the anneal, as this will be the last step of the processing.

Thank you.


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